Warmth in a Puddle

Personal Work

Short Film

Mar 2024

  In a dimly lit room where only the sound of the ventilation fan echoes, the young man encounters a fish. The fish, distorted in shape, looks somewhat like the young man himself. The fish, which had been lying limp, suddenly jumps up and flies out of the window, floating in the air.

  The young man stares at the fish as it disappears into a puddle on the street, and becomes transported to a strange space. Alone and dark all the way, this world somewhat resembles the young man’s imagined landscape.

  This short animated film expresses the “difficulty of living” in the world as seen from the director’s own perspective through fantastical animation.

  Supported by Kodansha Cinema Creators Lab as The first award winning short film pitch.


Supported by 講談社シネマクリエイターズラボ