Suntory Tokyo Craft Web Movie

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Jul 2023

  I am the animation director for the SUNTORY Tokyo Craft web movie "Then I'm going back to Tokyo. by Tokyo Craft" released in July 2023. I was involved in all aspects of the project, from the design of the different styles, to the drawing, CG, and compositing.

  This unique web movie is based on the theme of "the sensitive feelings of people who have moved to Tokyo," and is a collaboration of eight artists and three voice actors, with three main characters depicted in different styles of animation. In addition, the song "I know U know" by popular female artist Aimer has been provided.

  In order to portray the three main characters, who come to Tokyo from different hometowns, in different styles of animation, we decided on three different directions: Japanese style, international style, and art style. To achieve these styles, we created three units and designed different workflows for each of them, using a complex combination of different techniques such as pre-visualization using 3DCG, live-action shooting, rotoscoping, and camera mapping. The team is attempting to work as a team as it is.

  As animation director, I tried to have a micro viewpoint to control each cut and frame, and a macro viewpoint to look at the entire image. I participated in the animation and CG work myself, and composited all cuts. As a result, I believe I was able to complete this unique animation while maintaining the dynamism of the images.

Exective Creative Director: 栗林和明
Creative Director+Planner: 市川春華
Copywriter: 片野陽子
Art Director: 土屋絵里子
Planner: 大澤創太 まるそう
Business Producer: 廣瀬勝矢


Director: 平牧和彦

CG / Animation Producer: 梶原伸博 (K.)
CG designer: 長野章博

Compositor: 小ヶ倉伸行 横山智人
Offline Editor: 金子颯 神門正彦
Mixer: 木野武

Sound Effect: 冨田奈津美

Production Manager: 石井篤史 大森朋美

Animation Director / CG / Compositor: 崎村宙央(Sorao Sakimura)

Unit A
Animators: しめさば めいにー
Background Artist: ほ〜こう

Unit B
Animator: 崎村宙央(Sorao Sakimura)
Background Artist: APO+
CG / Background Artist: けろ

Unit C
Animator / Comcept Artist: 長江春芳
Animator / Background Artist: fusso