Calorie Mate Web Movie

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Jul 2021

  I was in charge of animation production for the judo club part at Otsuka Pharmaceutical Calorie Mate's web commercial “Summer Begins,” which was released in July 2021.

  Despite being a budding animation artist, they were selected along with famous animation artists, and it is an animation that they worked on with maximum enthusiasm so that they could meet expectations. After combining 3DCG, rotoscopes, etc., each drawing is done by hand with a pencil. By emphasizing the rough touch of the pencil, I was conscious of conveying momentum. By repeating such drawings and applying a thick composition on top of them, the result was a powerful sequence full of enthusiasm.

  This web commercial is a motivational movie for club activity students preparing for the summer tournament because they want to support the everyday lives of students devoting themselves to club activities with the balanced nutrition diet “Calorie Mate,” and it is a unique commercial where different animation artists are in charge of each club activity.

  It received 30,000 likes on Twitter and a total number of views over 35 million times on YouTube, and gained enthusiastic support, mainly among teenagers. Also, it won the Creative Commentary category at the YouTube Works Awards Japan 2022, and has received high praise as an advertising project on YouTube.

クリエイティブディレクター:小島 翔太
アートディレクター:野田 紗代
企画:杉山 芽衣
企画/コピーライター:荻原 海里
企画/CMプラナー:中田 みのり
プロデューサー:久松 真菜/鈴木 貴秀(AOI Pro.)
プロダクショマネージャー:古田 陸(AOI Pro.)
監督・絵コンテ:志賀 匠(CAVIAR)
アニメ監督・絵コンテ・演出:青木 純(スペースネコカンパニー)以下同社
キャラクターデザイン・作画監督:松田 啓子
作画監督補佐:佐藤 華音
原画・動画:劉 洋
動画・仕上げ:梁 佳緒里
動画・仕上げ・美術:黄 思敏
美術設定補佐・色彩設定:吉 兆祺
イメージボード・美術:風戸 亜希子
美術:矢口 聖奈
原画補佐・美術(水泳部):陳 希
スペースネコカンパニー (テニス部)小原 秀一(野球部)
さらんらっぷ (サッカー部)paul williams (陸上部)
Nitro (卓球部)北村みなみ (ちびキャラ)
山下 清悟 (吹奏楽部)syo5 (テニス部)
隋 縁 (バスケ部)劉 禹辰 (バレー部)
平岡 政展 (弓道部)Aaron Formilleza (チア部)
Rémy Clarke (水泳部)ういう (カヌー部)
崎村宙央 (柔道部)野村 生淡 (野球部マネージャー)